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Abbotsham Village Hall


Nr Bideford 


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Glossary of terms

Karate : Empty Hand  


Karateka : A person who practices karate


The Three K's


Kata : A defined set of Offensive and defensive moves in a predetermined sequence. Most Kata begin with a blocking move to follow the belief that " there is no first strike in karate" which means it should only be used for defence of one's self or others too weak to defend themselves. Kata may be performed singularly or in a group. Group practice improves harmonisation and timing with others.


Kihon: The practice of  a single move or combination of moves e.g. block followed by a strike, by repating these single moves they become ingrained.


Kumite : Can be described as practicing the moves learnt during Kihon and Kata against a partner.


Dojo: Training hall



Grading Syllabus


Our grading syllabus and other useful information can be downloaded 






Belt colours and rank


Yellow                           9th Kyu

Yellow/Orange Tag         8th Kyu

Orange                         7th Kyu

Orange/Green Tag         6th Kyu

Green                           5th Kyu

Blue                              4th Kyu

Purple                           3rd Kyu 

Brown                          2nd Kyu

Brown/ Black Tag          1st  Kyu

Black                            1st Dan ( Shodan)   







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