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Our goal is to continue  and expand the teachings of our founder the late Sensei Vivian Nash 8th dan. Physically mentally and spiritually.


This can be briefly explained by:

Physically demanding practices which wil test AND improve our fitness levels.


Mentally challenging moves and sequences to develop flow and movement.


Spiritually giving our "all" both inside and outside the dojo to everything we do.


Our primary practice is Shotoryu karate.


Weapons such as Bo Staff (pole) Bokken (replica wooden sword) Sabre (curved sword from wood or blunt metal) and knife (usually wood) are also used to help improve focus and timing. 


Chen  form tai chi is a part of our training regime, mainly to enhance our karate, with its flowing and powerfull moves.


Your first lesson is free, after which you will be asked to join the association on an annual renewal basis. Payment for lessons are currently on a pay as you train basis.


Shotoryu karate Bideford is not a fitness club, however you will certainly feel the benefits of regular exercise.


Your aim will be to make your karate practice spread into other areas of your lives as you adopt a lifestyle of fitness and good nutrition , your confidence grows as you begin to understand and realise your capabilities.


You will learn about posture and weight distribution,  about striking points, how to avoid attacks by simple movements, and how to counter attack to defend yourself.


                    To Improve your Karate apply these words !!


                      PRACTICE          PRACTICE           PRACTICE


Our classes are lead by Peter Grant 5th DAN who has been training in Shotoryu Karate for 30 years, and assisted by two 2nd Dans.

Students at Green Belt level upwards are encouraged to teach lower grades, this helps with confidence and makes them look at their own practice.


Regular gradings are held throughout the year at other association member clubs. 


Bideford host the annual summer school which will be at Kingsley School again in  August 2015. Summer School provides a good opportunity to train with Shotoryu Karateka from other Shotoryu clubs.


All members are subject to an annual membership fee, the cost of membership is £25.00 for aduts and £15.00 for 12 and under. Membership is required before a student may be entered into a grading.


We currently charge £3.00 per child and £4.00 per adult per lesson. 





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